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Northern Mindanao Coast Guard Auxiliay District

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pcga hymn



Onward, we go PCGA

With the commitment of saving lives at sea

Dedicated to a service that is true

Making this world a safer for me and you


Forward, we go PCGA

Coast Guard Auxiliary

Onward, we go

Saving lives we always do


Kami ang kabalikat

Lahat ng oras ulan man o bagyo

Handang tumulong sa kapwa Pilipino

Kami'y handang magserbisyo


Sulong kapatid sa PCGA

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

Mabuhay tayo, Mabuhay tayo

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary






Behold the vast seas and lengthy coast

The orient pearl, seafarer trading past

Guardians other coastal seas are we

Gallant men saving with glee.



Sturdy protectors of our water's reserve

Stalwart coast guardian are we

Proudly serving maritime and country

For safer ships and cleaner seas


Over rough seas and mighty winds, and hostile shores

Our shipped, white ships will navigate so brilliantly

Steadfast guiding mariners home

Secure from harm safe the storm


A vast maritime offenders, lost to our brigs a hauling

Take heart thou ships a listing top

Thy mayday were responding

Coast guardian are ever for maritime providing


(Repeat Chorus)